Day 3: Ramot Naftali to Moshav Dishon

09/02/2012, Day 3:

We started our day in Ramot Naftali, we bought a few grocery items in the local store, I picked up a 5% cottege cheese and then the owners told me: “Why won’t you take 9%? it’s not like you need to be on diet or anything…” And he was right… we need to eat as much as we can… So for the first time, I think – I got a 9% cottage cheese, it was awesome ūüôā

We located the trail marks after about 20 minutes of hiking and went uphill in Keren Naftali, we thought we’d get the nice 4×4 trail but apparently the shvil had something else intended for us and we climbed up in a steep goats trail. After reaching the peak we had a beautiful view of the valley beneath us albeit the haziness around it.

We went downhill and had our first break while we were surrounded by cute cows, very surreal…

After that we walked down a dirt road and after walking a few Km a pickup came up to us, the only thing I thought (and said it outload) was: “Please don’t drive too fast near us and make us eat dirt…”
Not only the nice guy¬†completely¬†stopped next to us – he also told the other side on the phone to wait a minute because he met a couple of hikers and then turned to us and gave us 4¬†clementines! “Just picked up from the tree, as fresh as it gets”. We were thrilled and later on ate a couple and they were delicious!

We climbed onto the mountain ridge surrounding Dishon River and then went down on a narrow goat path.

We met a group of Jeep travelers that offered us food and water, we skipped the food but gladly picked up a bottle of mineral water, the guy wanted to give us 2 or 3 2L bottles, we explained that it is very generous but we have to carry it on our back so we¬†settled¬†on one ūüôā

We continued on and got to our first Dishon water crossing, this time we knew the drill and just changed to sandals. The view was amazing, we were ecstatic to be in a river so filled  with water and the surrounding was simply green, we felt as if we were in Europe.

After walking a few kilometers in this beautiful surroundings we arrived to Alma Bridge and took a ride to Moshav Dishon, we spent the night there in a nice Zimmer.

Day 2: Kfar Giladi to Ramot Naftali

08/02/2012, Day 2:

We started our day early in Tel Hai’s guesthouse. We walked to Tel Hai’s Collage only to find out that the gate that connects the collage to the shvil is closed until 9:00am so we had to climb all the way to Kfar Giladi only to go down again.

We almost missed the very narrow trail that goes down into the sculptures way and went down the trail. Boy! was that a steep descend…
After that we started climbing to the Naftaly Mountains. Almost the entire day was comprised from climbing, descending and climbing again.
On our left we saw Kiryat Shmona from above and the view was spectacular!
We went to the Liran observatory. An observatory in the memory of Liran Seadya. A soldier who was killed in active duty in the 2nd.Lebanon war. It was very touching to read his work and the observatory was very special.
We continued on and climbed further passing Kiryat Shmona and the View to the Hula valley was simply breathtaking.
We pushed on and arrived to the entrance of the Kadesh River.
We said “well… We have 2 hours.until nightfall. The entire track inside the river is 600m. We should be in and out in no time…”
Boy… We were wrong…
Those of you who know the track probably laugh now. But for those of you who don’t: The river is a pretty technical pass with some serious rock climbing that is very hard after a day of rain.
Kareene and I finished the hard part just as it became dark. At this point we lost the trail marks and decided that staying inside the river is a bad idea so we literally crawled outside the river at the first point we could.
We searched for a way out of the reserve and managed to find one.
After leaving the reserve and walking to the nearby trail Angel we discovered a very troubling discovery:
My camera bag that held my camera, our money and our IDs was missing!!!
I had no idea where exactly did I leave it but as far as I was concerned I was willing to search for it on the entire sector in which we walked outside the river (luckily I knew it made it outside the river and was left in one of our equipment re-arrangement afterwards)
We were very lucky to find it right at the edge of the reserve. Apparently we left it there when we took off our bags to get under the gap in the fence.
After a short walk and a short ride we arrived to Ramot Naftali to the hikers guesthouse. We were too tired to prepare any meal so the only thing we did was laundry and basic shopping in the grocery store before it closed.