Day 12: Kfar Kish to Nazareth

23/02/2012, Day 12:

We started our day in Kfar Kish. Sarah gave us a lift to Gazit junction which was the stopping point of yesterday’s hike.

We started climbing the Tavor mountain. We climbed and climbed and after 2 hours of climbing the mountain we finally reached the peak. Climbing 500m of a very steep mountain is not an easy task.

We went into the church at the top of the mountain and saw the really impressive architecture of the church. on our way out we went to the restrooms and were quite shocked from the smell and overall filth of the restrooms (we even had to pay 2 NIS to get into the restrooms…). It felt like no one has cleaned them for at least a year…

After our short visit we went down in a very steep path and arrived back to “Shibly” village.
We had to put some band-aids on my feet as I was starting to get some blisters so we stopped at the local rest area. We were told by the unpleasant manager that we can’t use their facilities for our break (despite the fact that we ordered some fresh juice) and eat our own food there as this is a “private place”…
We continued on and had a short lunch break in the nearby forest just before climbing on mount Dvorah.

Climbing mount Dvorah was a piece of cake after climbing the Tavor, we reached the peak of the mountain and clibmed down rather fast.

We had 2 hours until sundown and we were not sure if we could still make the 6Km we had left for the day as we had a very hard climb to Nazareth. We decided to give it a shot and indeed, we managed to get to the top a good 30 minutes before sundown. We continued hiking and almost reached the end of our planned day. We had 300m left to hike but this involved going down in an unknown territory and going down on some large boulders so we decided to finish the day and called a taxi to take us to our motel. A very famous establishment for the Shvil hikers – Fauzi Azar inn. This is a beautiful vintage house with a large court turned into a nice guesthouse. We slept in a shared room (for the first time ever) and it was really nice and cozy.

We had a really nice dinner at a local restaurant serving an authentic arab food with some fusion touch.

Day 11: Yavniel to Kfar Kish

22/02/2012, Day 11:
What a great day!
We woke up really early at around 5:45 and we took a jeep ride to the beginning of the shvil.

We went into Yeela Forest and watched beautiful ancient trees. So old that they managed to tilt to the side, touch the ground and go back up.

We walked through a small stream and then climbed to Mitzpe Elot. The view behind us was spectacular. We saw the Kinneret, the Hermon, the Golan Height and the beautiful valley that stretches south from the Kinneret.

We pushed further at a really good pace and after a small navigation error that cost us nearly a km of extra hiking we arrived to Mitzpe Olam and had a breakfast stop.
We had boiled eggs that we made last night with some cottage cheese, vegetables and bread we bought the earlier day. We also had tea made from the last vapors of gas we had in out first tank (we have spare, don’t worry).
The tank was enough for 4 pots of soup, 3 pots of tea, 3 pots of pasta and 4 pots of oatmeal breakfasts… Not bad 🙂
The bad thing was that by bending down I managed to tear my pants… 🙁

After nearly an hour break which was a bit longer than we expected we continued on and after a short time we have arrived to Hirbat Sirin. The area surrounding it was simply green and beautiful.

We continued on and around 2pm we arrived to our day’s end.
This was the first time we end a day so fast so we decided to continue 3 more km into the next day so tomorrow we will have less hiking (tomorrow is a really hard day)

We arrived to Gazit junction and Sarah, our hostess from “Home in Kish” arrived to pick us up.
Sarah was wonderful and helped us a lot. Sarah even took me to a local tailor to fix my pants!
Home in Kish is a beautiful house that Sarah rents for short terms to people who wish to tour the area. Sarah has a warm place in her heart for Shvil Israel hikers so if the house is available she rents it to the hikers for a minimal fee.
We had a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant called Sirin and later we were invited by Sarah to a vocal group concert in which Sarah participated.
We decided upfront to leave no later than 9pm as we needed to wake up early the next day. The concert was so good that we stayed until the end!

We went to sleep knowing that this was our best day on the shvil.