Day 26: Tzuba to Mata

18/03/2012, Day 26:
I know… This blog is almost dead… It is very hard for me to write anything after a long hard walk. After we settle in the only thing I want to do is to sleep…
We started the day at 4:45am at home and drove to Ben shemen to have my father pick us up to kibbutz Tzuba.
We went down the hard trail to Tzuba river and climbed back a rather steep climb towards the Sataf.
We wasted valuable daylight time waiting for the coffee shop to open… Apparently they open only at 9:00am. It was only 7:40…
We started at this point Kareene’s knees were starting to hurt really bad and going down hundreds of steps didn’t help…
We arrived down to sorek river and crossed it while it was still flowing. We started climbing again. This whole day is one big climbing and going down the mountain…
We arrived to Ein Hindak and had our breakfast there. The weather was getting better (hotter…).
We continued climbing “Shvil hamayanot” (springs trail) and saw a dozen or so of more nice springs.
We then had to climb down in what seemed to be one of.our.steepest decents. It was like going down a cliff… Someone in the trail marking committee must have drunk something when he decided to mark this path…
We then had another 200m climb to ein Kobi. Half was.through Kobi river and the rest was on comfortable stairs (still… We had to climb 100m of stairs. I don’t think I will have any problem goingcup the stairs in the office anymore….)
Our feet were starting to hurt and we pushed hard towards Hirbat Dorban. We arrived while the sun was setting. We went down a beautiful path filled with carpets of Lupinus (תורמוס) flowers.
We arrived to moshav Mata and Mimon, the first person we saw invited us for coffee and gave us some chocolate. He then offered to give us a lift up the road to where we were supposed to sleep. We gladly accepted his offer.
When we arrived to the grocery store a nice lady came in asking us if it’s our bags outside. When we said yes she asked us if we have anywhere to sleep and.offered us her house. Since we already had arrangements we thanked her and said that we are okay. Mata seems to filled with nice people.
We arrived to Nurit and Zichri. Our angles for tonight and had a good night’s sleep.

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