Day 10: Porryia to Yavniel

20/02/2012, Day 10:
In a word: MUD.
In three words: lots of mud.

We started our day in Porryia, the weather was great and we could see a very snowy Hermon.
We walked down to moshavat  Kinerret. This is where we first met our friend for the day: Mr mud.

It was the quiet, shy type. The kind that doesn’t look too bad until you find out that you are carrying half a kilo of it on each one of your feet…
Not only that – it also makes you lose balance on uneven terrain…

We continued further and reached Kinerret (moshava). The old houses were simply beautiful and we were happy to see them well maintained.

We pushed further and reached Kinneret’s cemetery. We visited Rachel’s grave and listened to some of the stories on the automated audio device present there.

We continued to Yardenit and after that arrived to Rob Roy kayaks to get some water. We were invited for tea and a story.

We continued on and met the noisy kind of mud. The kind that lets your feet to sink into. This is where we were kind of sorry we didn’t wait another day for the puddles from the heavy storm to settle down and try out…

We arrived to a perfect place for a short stop under some nice trees with a small stream flowing by and we had late breakfast there.

We continued forward and everywhere we walked there was an endless sea of mud. Sometimes we were faced with a hard dilemma: should we cross the mud or the field of thorns next to it… Sometimes the later won…

We then arrived to a point in the shvil that goes up a small stream. The problem was that it was very slippery and we had only 2 hours for sundown. We were not sure if we could make it in time or not so we decided to go to Yavniel like the book suggests (we planned on continuing and building a tent on the shvil where possible in order to save us going 3.5km from the shvil and back to it the other day)
We walked through a sea of mud.and had to cross Yavniel river twice. The second time my left foot sank into the mud all the way in so water came in… Judging by the smell it wasn’t only water… 🙁

We arrived to a camping site, drunk hot tea and ate pasta. Took a hot shower and went to sleep in our sleeping bags.
We shivered. It was so cold we were freezing inside our bags. We have 850+ down bags. Kareene’s is rated for -5 degrees for woman and mine is for -2 for men.
After an hour when it became impossible I contacted the guy from the camping site. We paid a little extra and moved to a heated tent where we didn’t get a good night sleep either because the rooster and the peacock were challenging each other on who can make more noise…

We woke up late, tired and with a big headache after the bad sleep we had.
We decided to stay and rest the day.
We called a few zimmers around and got to a really nice one with an enormous jacuzzi. We rested and today we are ready to begin our day early.

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