Day 9: Migdal to Porryia

15/02/2012, Day 9:

Our hostess gave us a ride back to the entrance of Migdal, from there we walked another km or so to the gas station that was supposed to be the end of our previous day and then we walked to Hamam, an arab village near the Arbel mountain.
We started climbing the Arbel, this was a very very very hard climb. We met a nice guy from the reserve. The conversation started with him shouting “Shvilistim?” (People who do “the trail”) so we said yes. He then advised us to hurry up and climb the mountain as rain was approaching. We also heard some distant thunders so we decided to skip the fortress embedded inside the mountain and go straight to the more technical part of the climb (steep rocks and stakes to help climb the large rocks).
Later on we discovered that he was supposed to collect money from people who enter the reserve but since we were “shvilistim” we got a free entrance 🙂

We arrived to the top and were really happy the climb was behind us, the view was horrible as Kareene predicted with her “hard climb crappy view” rule…

We continued and arrived Kfar Hitim, on the way down it started raining.
This time we moved to our rain gear very fast just to be prepared.

We reached Tverya and had lunch at a mediocre restaurant. After that we climbed through  Sapir street to Switzerland forest and from there to Porryia.

My father came to pick us up back home as a big storm was approching, we stayed at home for 4 days until it was over and got back to the shvil.

We left my camera at home, the pictures from now on will be taken using my cellphone, The SLR camera I have + a general purpose lens along with the small bag and accessories was around 2.2Kg but this wasn’t the issue, the big issue was that it was sitting on my belly and interfered every time I had to climb rocks or do any other “technical” climb.

So goodbye dear camera.

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