Day 8: Zfat to Migdal

14/02/2012, Day 8:

In the morning I went to buy us some provisions and noticed that our hostel is in the middle of the old city. When I returned I took Kareene for a short stroll around the old City (see pictures below)

We then took a taxi to road 85 to start the lower part of Amud river, knowing that we are skipping a small (but important) part of the trail.

The lower Amud river was beautiful and we had a really nice hike.

We arrived to Migdal in a search for a suitable place for our tent. We actually walked all the way to Tamar beach only to find out that it’s a crappy beach that doesn’t worth the 80 nis they wanted from us just to put our tent there…
We walked back to Migdal and started searching for a cheap Zimmer, everything was too expensive for us and just as we were getting desperate a car stopped and a woman asked us if we are looking for a Zimmer. We said yes and that we are looking for something cheap just to pass the night.
She said that she has a nice Zimmer and that it’s ours for 250 nis. We said yes and she picked us up and saved us the extra walk.

We ordered Pizza (again…) for dinner and had a good night’s sleep after a very long day.

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