Day 7: Zfat To …. Zfat

13/02/2012, Day 7:

We left Avigail and Nitzan’s house and started hiking from Meiron river to Amud river, Amud was filled with water and looked very nice.

At around 14:00 we arrived to the midpoint of Amud river and decided to call Laser, the superintendent to ask if he thinks we can still make it to the end of the river before it gets dark, he said that we need to clear the reserve by 16:00 and not when it gets dark so it meant we had to go up to Sheikh Koves to get out of the reserve.
Climbing Sheikh Koves was very hard as it was a really steep climb, when we reached the end we decided that tomorrow we are not going to get down this way as we still value our lives…

We went to a really nice hostel in Zfat called Ascent, we got a private room for a really decent price and ate a wonderful dinner at a nearby restaurant called “Ha-ari 8”.

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