Day 5: Kibbutz Baram to Mount Meiron

11/02/2012, Day 5:

We left early, Adam joined us for the day.
We arrived back to the point in which we left the Shvil and walked through the beautiful Dishon river.

We arrived to Baram forest, it was a really nice walk and the forest was great.

For the first time – we made tea in our stove and had a really nice lunch break.

We continued on and arrive to Beit Sefer Sade Meiron, apparently it was closed (Saturday…) but we called the number on the gate and the nice managed gave us the code to open the gate and we went in.

It was 2pm and we were pretty sure we won’t make it to the top of the Meiron mountain and down to a place where we could build our tent (we were wrong as we could have easily made it to the top and down in the 4 hours of light we had…)

We took the rest of the day off, made some pasta and rested.

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