Day 13: Nazerath to Harduf

24/02/2012, Day 13:
We decided to start our day a bit later after our hard day yesterday.
We woke up at around 7am and had breakfast at the inn.

We took a taxi to the point in which we left the shvil yesterday which meant we had an extra 300m to walk… Not a biggie.

We hiked through Mishad which is a nice Arab village and quickly reached the outskirts of the village. We met the local garbage yard which seems to be prevalent at every Arab village we meet.

As we passed Rabbi Yehuda’s grave we met our first field of thorns and nettles.

We passed the field and it started raining. Again we moved fast to our rain gear and continued hiking with a very light misty rain that helped us cool off.

At this point we figured out that we will not reach the monk’s Gristmill so we contacted the ecological farm in Harduf and were told that we can sleep there.

We continued further and went up rish lakish vista point. When we reached the peak we asked ourselves where was the hard climb…? I guess that the Tavor helped us with our perspective…

We reached Gush Alonim forest reserve and after an hour or so met a nice geeky couple (like ourselves) riding their bicycles.

We continued hiking and finally reached the Arab village kaabiya. From there we walked km or so to our final destination of the day (or so we thought) – Harduf.

When we reached Harduf, Rei, the contact person showed us the place. We never felt so NOT at home anywhere else… And since he sent us to sleep in a cold large old army tent that is used as a warehouse. While it was freezing outside and we knew we will be very cold during the night so we called our friend and rescuer Yochai who came to pick us up home. Luckily we got a mail from our friends Noga and Tom asking if.they can join us for the next day. So we said of course. But please pick us up on the way 🙂

Day 12: Kfar Kish to Nazareth

23/02/2012, Day 12:

We started our day in Kfar Kish. Sarah gave us a lift to Gazit junction which was the stopping point of yesterday’s hike.

We started climbing the Tavor mountain. We climbed and climbed and after 2 hours of climbing the mountain we finally reached the peak. Climbing 500m of a very steep mountain is not an easy task.

We went into the church at the top of the mountain and saw the really impressive architecture of the church. on our way out we went to the restrooms and were quite shocked from the smell and overall filth of the restrooms (we even had to pay 2 NIS to get into the restrooms…). It felt like no one has cleaned them for at least a year…

After our short visit we went down in a very steep path and arrived back to “Shibly” village.
We had to put some band-aids on my feet as I was starting to get some blisters so we stopped at the local rest area. We were told by the unpleasant manager that we can’t use their facilities for our break (despite the fact that we ordered some fresh juice) and eat our own food there as this is a “private place”…
We continued on and had a short lunch break in the nearby forest just before climbing on mount Dvorah.

Climbing mount Dvorah was a piece of cake after climbing the Tavor, we reached the peak of the mountain and clibmed down rather fast.

We had 2 hours until sundown and we were not sure if we could still make the 6Km we had left for the day as we had a very hard climb to Nazareth. We decided to give it a shot and indeed, we managed to get to the top a good 30 minutes before sundown. We continued hiking and almost reached the end of our planned day. We had 300m left to hike but this involved going down in an unknown territory and going down on some large boulders so we decided to finish the day and called a taxi to take us to our motel. A very famous establishment for the Shvil hikers – Fauzi Azar inn. This is a beautiful vintage house with a large court turned into a nice guesthouse. We slept in a shared room (for the first time ever) and it was really nice and cozy.

We had a really nice dinner at a local restaurant serving an authentic arab food with some fusion touch.