Day 2: Kfar Giladi to Ramot Naftali

08/02/2012, Day 2:

We started our day early in Tel Hai’s guesthouse. We walked to Tel Hai’s Collage only to find out that the gate that connects the collage to the shvil is closed until 9:00am so we had to climb all the way to Kfar Giladi only to go down again.

We almost missed the very narrow trail that goes down into the sculptures way and went down the trail. Boy! was that a steep descend…
After that we started climbing to the Naftaly Mountains. Almost the entire day was comprised from climbing, descending and climbing again.
On our left we saw Kiryat Shmona from above and the view was spectacular!
We went to the Liran observatory. An observatory in the memory of Liran Seadya. A soldier who was killed in active duty in the 2nd.Lebanon war. It was very touching to read his work and the observatory was very special.
We continued on and climbed further passing Kiryat Shmona and the View to the Hula valley was simply breathtaking.
We pushed on and arrived to the entrance of the Kadesh River.
We said “well… We have 2 hours.until nightfall. The entire track inside the river is 600m. We should be in and out in no time…”
Boy… We were wrong…
Those of you who know the track probably laugh now. But for those of you who don’t: The river is a pretty technical pass with some serious rock climbing that is very hard after a day of rain.
Kareene and I finished the hard part just as it became dark. At this point we lost the trail marks and decided that staying inside the river is a bad idea so we literally crawled outside the river at the first point we could.
We searched for a way out of the reserve and managed to find one.
After leaving the reserve and walking to the nearby trail Angel we discovered a very troubling discovery:
My camera bag that held my camera, our money and our IDs was missing!!!
I had no idea where exactly did I leave it but as far as I was concerned I was willing to search for it on the entire sector in which we walked outside the river (luckily I knew it made it outside the river and was left in one of our equipment re-arrangement afterwards)
We were very lucky to find it right at the edge of the reserve. Apparently we left it there when we took off our bags to get under the gap in the fence.
After a short walk and a short ride we arrived to Ramot Naftali to the hikers guesthouse. We were too tired to prepare any meal so the only thing we did was laundry and basic shopping in the grocery store before it closed.

Day 1: Kibbutz Dan to Kfar Giladi

Yet yes, I know… I should have updated this blog a long time ago…

06/02/2012, Day 1:
Our first day was very hard. Shvil Israel hit us straight in the face and we barely finished the day. We had a few water crossings that looked to us like crossing the red sea…
We arrived to Kfar Giladi just before the sundown. We managed to build our tent and cook some soup just as started raining.
Like mice we run around putting our equipment in the vestubles.
We entered our tent ready for a good night sleep only to find out that the floor was very slippery and our sleeping pads were sliding down and to the side. Additionally – from the same reason our tent’s floor itself was sliding on the protective film and twisting the entire frame structure….
Needless to say – we didn’t sleep too well that night.

In the morning it took us forever to get ready and we were really tired and every inch our body was in pain. Additionally it looked like it was going to rain again (and it did…!) so we decided to take a day off even though it was too early in our trip… We went to the Tel Hai museum and had a very nice tour inside. After that we walked to the Tel Hai guesthouse and had a nice meal, had the chance to do some laundry and and some time to sleep…

To blog or not to blog

This is the question…
One of the reasons Kareene and I are taking this adventure is to distance ourselves even for a little while from the world of bits and TV shows and modern society. This comes in direct conflict with my basic desire, as a logphile  to document everything and maintain this blog.
I believe the middle ground would be to blog every other day or so. This will enable us to keep a certain distance from the modern world (and preserve valuable battery life…)

Another issue I am facing is that I chose English as the language of this blog. Fluent as I may be this is not my native language so I am not sure if the posts would be as witty as you might expect. Besides – our slogan from couch potatoes to thru hikers sounds good only in English…

Enough bullshit and back to business – our first night in Kibbutz Dan was scary… I managed to overheat our brand new titanium pot and scorched it a little bit and on the way burnt a perfectly good soop…
We need more practice with our new stove i guess because it can be very powerful… (when i say we I of course mean the royal we as Kareene told me to take it easy with the fire…)

Today would be our first hike in the shvil so I will break my blogging every other day rule and let you know how we did (perhaps with some pics this time…)

Godspeed to us,
Gil, Kibbutz Dan, The Gym, center toilet.

Still getting ready

After months of preparations we are about to leave our house and take a bus (!@#$) to Kibbutz Dan.

Kareene is looking at hat patterns as she wants to knit herself a nice warm hat and I am working on the blog.

We still have some things to do, hopefully the 6 hours we have before we have to leave would be enough.